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You Can Be a Part of our Book Fair

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Follett Book Fair is coming to Salem Lutheran School March 2-6! We are in need of a small army of literacy-loving men and women to help us run the fair and it's accompanying special events, Dudes and Donuts and Pennies with a Purpose, throughout the week. And, because we are so grateful to the Book Fair volunteers, they will get 20% off their book fair purchases!!

The Library is searching for the following people to make book fair week a smashing success:

  1. MERCHANDIZING: Creative crafty types to build Pinterest-y robots and other fun things to decorate our fair space and the Teacher Wish Bin Display. I have pictures and ideas for those that just want to execute but I am also open to creative suggestions! 

  2. FAIR SET UP: This will happen the Thursday or Friday before fair week depending on the delivery date. Exact date/ time to be announced soon.

  3. TEACHER PREVIEW: Welcome the teachers with breakfast and coffee as they shop the fair and fill up their Wish List Bins on Monday, March 2nd.

  4. STUDENT PREVIEW: Help the students look through the fair on the first day and create their Wish Lists on Monday, March 2nd.

  5. DUDES AND DONUTS: Welcome dads, grandpas, uncles and big brothers who come to shop with students on Wednesday, March 4

  6. PENNIES FOR A PURPOSE: Oversee the collection of coins in a friendly classroom contest. Weigh and count money on the afternoon of Thursday, March 5th, to determine class winners.

  7. BOOK FAIR VOLUNTEER: help students shop and run the cash registers for a shift or two,  Tuesday-Friday, 8 am-3 pm. This is the biggest need!!

  8. CLEAN UP: Help pack up fair and roll the library shelves back into place on Friday afternoon.

SIGN UP HERE TO MAKE THE MAGIC HAPPEN!! Don't see a time slot that works for you but still want to help? Email our Librarian, Mrs. Tara Flattley at

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