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Current and former parents share their experiences at Salem.

Mr. Brian Underwood, Executive Director at Crean Lutheran High School, shares about his experience with Salem alumni.

What people are saying about Salem

Over the course of my ten years at Orange Lutheran and six years as a parent here at Salem, I have witnessed firsthand the genuine care and quality instruction [students] have received from truly outstanding teachers...many of our finest students at Orange Lutheran are Salem graduates, and they continue to do great things and make a significant impact not only during their four years with us but also as they venture off to college and in life beyond.

Mrs. Leslie Smith, Head of School, Orange Lutheran High School

Orange, CA

We love and adore Salem Lutheran School! We feel so blessed to be a part of such an amazing community and school!

Liz Caniglia

Orange, CA

We have three children at Salem Lutheran School and have experience with both the preschool and elementary school programs. Over the past three years, this school has far exceeded our expectations as parents. We have found each of our children's teachers to be dedicated, knowledgeable and incredibly caring - about their students and their students' families.  The art, music and athletic programs are nothing short of excellent. But more than anything, from the day we toured the school, Salem has just always felt like "home" to our family. Our children love school and learning - characteristics we as parents would love to take credit for cultivating in them, but the credit is really owed to what a special place Salem is.

Sarah Woody

Orange, CA

As a mom of 5 boys and a church member since 2005, I have had an opportunity to be a part of this amazing God centered place. Our family sees the boys' education at Salem a gift, and we couldn't imagine sending them anywhere else. Our two oldest are now in high school and still come back to volunteer. I have a 5th grader, a 1st grader, and little one at home who we pray will be a Spartan next year. You HAVE to come visit!! The church and school staff are exceptional.

Brooke Krochman

Orange, CA

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