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Salem Lutheran School incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities throughout our curriculum beginning in Preschool.  Many of the opportunities.  These embedded activities, especially within the Early Childhood and Early Elementary levels, are part of various content areas, learning stations, and free play opportunities. STEM activities allow students to take resources and toys to explore science principles through daily interactions in our world. 


Salem is dedicated to developing critical thinking skills through connecting learning through building STEM activities into the core curricula areas initially.  Building a STEM strand into the Jr. High School schedule allows students to focus attention on more advanced STEM principles and activities. 


Each year we hold a Science Night each April where various STEM activities are showcased to parents and visitors.  We invite Orange Lutheran High School, Crean Lutheran High School, and Concordia University Irvine to participate with additional Science activities.


Early Childhood

(Preschool-2nd Grade)

Upper Elementary

(3rd-6th Grade)

Junior High


Science: Magnets, Gears, Ramps and levers, Microscopes, Insects, Life Cycle, Water Cycle

Technology:  classroom iPads to engage with foundational core content areas of math


Engineering: blocks, Log building


Math:  Cooking activities; comparing weights of everyday objects; comparing lengths of everyday objects

Science: Weather Station, states of matter, regular Experiments in science classes, Scientific Method- Science Boards, dissections


Technology: One-to-One program to build video games, basic coding


Engineering: Giant Jenga; Popsicle Bridges


Math: Giant Jenga; Popsicle Bridges; Floating Boats  

Science:  Foam boats, Roller Coaster lab, multiple dissections, Scientific Method- Science Boards; Cooking Elective, Science Olympics, Rocket Launch   


Technology: Coding, 3D printing, Robotics One-to-One program


Engineering: Robotics, Roller Coaster Lab


Math: Cooking Elective, Science Olympics

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