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Support Salem While You Shop

When I first heard about SCRIP, I thought there was no way it was real. I spend the same amount of money as I would at places I already shop, and I get to support Salem AND get cash back at the end of the year?!

It's true! Your family will earn half the rebate and receive a check in July if you have earned over $20 in rebates. The other half of the rebate will go to Salem's Tuition Assistance fund. For example, if your family orders earn a total rebate of $800 for the year, your family will receive a check for $400, and Salem's tuition assistance fund will receive the other $400. This past year we had several families earn rebates of over $200. One even earned over $400!

Check out this quick video to get a better idea of what SCRIP fundraising is all about.

Featuring most major grocery chains, gas stations, Starbucks, Apple, Walmart, Home Depot, many major restaurants, and so much more, it's SUPER easy to support Salem by purchasing digital or physical gift cards.

The website to sign up for your Shop with Scrip account is:  If you are not currently signed up for Scrip, our enrollment code is 3F3EEE4B1LL54.

We will be placing a scrip order this Monday, August 31 at 9:00 am.  Orders should be ready to be picked up on Thursday, September 3rd.

Following Shop with Scrip Orders will be placed on:

September 14

September 28

October 12

October 26

November 16

November 30

December 7

December 14

Still have questions about this program?  Email

Thank you for your fundraising support.

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