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  • Kelly Hansen

12 Children Saved from Poverty

His Little Feet International Children’s Choir joined Salem on January 24th for Student Chapel and an evening performance.

His Little Feet exists to help, love and train orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide. The children’s choir is comprised of a hand-selected group of children, ages 7 - 13 from Haiti, India, and Kenya. In addition to songs, we also heard testimonies from the children’s life experiences and the profound testimony of Saul Luteka, His Little Feet staff.

Several Salem families hosted the 17 children and their chaperones, and 12 children were saved from poverty thanks to Salem sponsorships! “It was a joy and privilege to host three children and their chaperone," said one Salem host. "They brought God’s love and presence with them - a reminder to be grateful, humble, and generous.” Visit their website at for more information or to sponsor a child.

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