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  • Christel Woody

Family Campout Kickball Game results are in...

In the muggy morning heat on Saturday at Irvine Park, 17 Salem families took part in an intense game of kickball. Who would prevail as the champions, kids or parents?

To even up the playing field a bit, parents had to play by normal baseball rules: three outs, and their inning was done. Each time kids were up, they all had the opportunity to kick.

As several moms cheered on the groups, they roared with laughter as they watched two-year-old Cole stop and then kick the ball towards center field. Mrs. Reynafarje, his "running coach," and Mr. Schade, the pitcher, encouraged him to run toward first base as Mr. Schade calmly picked up the ball. He heaved the ball towards the first baseman, and Cole hurried along as the ball bounced behind him. He carefully stepped on base just as the first baseman returned with the ball.

The game continued with some intense dives and slides from both sides. The men kicked several "home run" kicks, and the adults had fun trying some interesting moves, like Mr. Busch's attempt to jump over the ball, just to get hit in the legs a step before reaching third base.

The final score? Adults 23. A solid tie!

Sweaty, tired, and thirsty, the players all retired to the campsite for a well-deserved lunch and then cooled off in the pool


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