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Tinna Fisher

Preschool Aide & Extended Care
THE BASICS                   


Number of years at Salem: 20


Number of years in Education: Over 24


What I love most about Salem:

Families, staff, the children, and the different fun family nights.


My favorite movie quote:
"Life is like a box of chocolates."


One of my favorite verses in scripture is:

Luke 6:31

Do to others as you would have them do to you.


I fell I treat people nicely, and I would hope in return to be treated the same.


Some of my favorite hobbies include:

Housesitting; sitting at the beach or pool; thinking how lucky I am to have a job, my family, and my Lord.


My favorite school memory as a student is:

When I was in first grade, someone took my bike. I was very sad. When school was over, my teacher took me to look for it, and then my uncle came. My uncle was my Hero and found someone had it, so when I got home to Grandma's, I said a prayer at dinner of thanks to my Uncle and teacher. To this day, my uncle is my hero.

(714) 639-1946 x 272
Fullterton/Orange, CA
Daughter, Katie
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