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Maggie Brown

Preschool Teacher
THE BASICS                   


Number of years at Salem: 2

Number of years in Education: 23


What I love most about Salem:

I love that the church is completely supported by Pastor Frick and the church. They view the school as a ministry to spread God’s Kingdom.


My favorite movie quote:

“As you wish” Westley from Princess Bride


One of my favorite verses in scripture is:

2 Samuel 22:33

It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure


it reminds me that God gives me strength and security for this journey called life.


Some of my favorite hobbies include:

hiking with family, road trips, reading kids books, movies, teaching


My favorite school memory as a student is:

I went to a small Christian school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My H.S. senior class was just me (1991). It was fun to have all the attention. The school was a ministry of the church where I grew up. I love seeing how people react when I tell them about my high school experience.

(714) 639-1946
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Husband, Bill
Daughter, Lucille
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